We collect errors as we find them but we will correct them in one large batch each time we do a new print run (see Principle B11: The Principle of Batch Size Economics). You can determine which print run you have by checking the copyright page, which is on the reverse side of the title page.

Errors Corrected in Second Printing

p. 35 Figure 2-2:  The labels for the transaction cost function and the holding cost function should be interchanged.

p. 53 Paragraph 3, Line 2: Ågner should be spelled Agner.

Errors Corrected in Third Printing

p 11 Paragraph 4, Line 3: Change “but is it” to “but it is”

p. 76 Paragraph 1, Line 8: Insert space between “queues” and “alerts” in “queuesalerts”

p. 92 Paragraph 3, Line 5: Change “An event has” to “An event with”

p. 140 Paragraph 4: Add period at end of paragraph.

p. 206 Paragraph 1, Line 3: Change “watch quarter and station bill” to “watch, quarter, and station bill.”

p. 231 Paragraph 1, Line : Capitalize “Proximity”

Errors to Be Corrected in Fourth Printing

No errors found so far.

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